Okami Martial Arts -
Renshi Kelly Greenwood

Renshi Kelly Greenwood has been training in martial arts for 20 years. 
He has his 3rd Dan Black belt in Karate and  1st Dan in Kickboxing  thru Kyoshi Wolfgang Manicke and is currently training with Vladislav Koulikov in Sambo.  
2010 Provincial Champion in Kickboxing, Gold Metal in Kickboxing, Silver in Sport Jiu Jitsu and Grapple Strike at 2010 Worlds in Las Vegas. 
Gold Metal in Kickboxing, Gold in Weapons Sparring at
Pan-Am Games 2011.  Gold in Continuous Sparring, Gold in JuJitsu, Silver in Grappling at the 2012 WOMAA World Martial Arts Games  and 2012 Provincial Champion. 
Gold in Continuous Sparring, and Bronze in both Weapons Kata and Open Hand Kata in Ireland at the 2013 WOMAA GAMES 
2013 Provincial Champion in Point Sparring
2015 WOMAA GAMES World Champion in Continuous Sparring AND WORLD TITLE BELT in Continuous Sparring. 
Kelly recently competed at the 2016 WOMAA Games in Essenbach coming away with two bronze medals and held onto his WORLD TITLE BELT in Continuous Sparring. 

Sensei Crystal Greenwood

Sensei Crystal Greenwood has trained under Sensei Kelly Greenwood and Kyoshi Wolfgang Manicke for seven years in.   She currently holds her 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate and 1st Dan in Kickboxing.     
Gold in Weapons Kata and Bronze in Open Hand Kata at the 2012 WOMAA World Martial Arts Games. 
After time off with her daughter, she came back to be the 2015 Provincial Champion in Open Hand Kata. 
Crystal recently competed in the 2016 WOMAA Games and earned a silver medal in Open Hand Kata and a Gold medal in Continuous Sparring.